The Sillimanite


The sillimanite it is silicate of aluminum. The silicate is a Salt which has been formed with the combination of a base and the silicic acid. It is used in the industry of glass, refractories as in the construction materials. Talc and Mica are considered as silicatesThe silicate group of minerals are very complex and forming the 93% of the earth’s crust. This mineral Sillimanite is considered as very popular raw material for manufacturing high alumina refractoriesIt is considered as a index mineral with high temperature and having a plurality of pressure. The formula of sillimanite is  SiALO5. The sillimanite can appear as small or big individual crystals. Has a very delicate relief with very birefringence colours


An American chemist called Benjamin Silliman was the founder of the mineral, and that is why the mineral is called Sillimanite. The founder Benjamin Silliman was born on 08-08-1779. At a college called Yale, he was a very famous professor of Science. In those days He founded the first newspaper of Science for the Americans.

He learned chemistry from the Professor James W. at the University of Pennsylvania and after some time He moved to Edinburgh with intention to learn more about this subject.Later he became a prestigious professional in the geology.He also discovered a lot of different minerals as Tungsten, Topaz & Tellurium.In those days when the women were not allowed for further studies, Benjamin Silliman encouraged them to sit and attend his lectures in the universities. He travelled a lot to Europe too, because of the meetings with the Europeans scientists.

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