The Silica Quartz

The most common mineral

Silica sand basically it is quartz, and after a long period of time with the contact of two elements as air & water and some elaboration takes the shape of very small granules.
It is recognized by (Si O2) .The Silica Quartz is the most common mineral
The Silica sand it is been used in the companies dedicated to petrol, oil and natural gas.
Silica sand also it is used in the industry of glass, construction materials and electronic products.
Also it is been founded in amorphous form

Before forming the size of the granules, the mineral is sent to a very special processing with the intention to reduce the impurity and to increase the content of Silica, for the usage in the factories or industries.
Normally the Silica bricks are used in the hot stove of the large blast furnace.
The brick of Silica it is made of cilice which contains 96% Si O2, with the adding of lime, very slime iron scales and binder as molasses, sulphite pulp waste.
After crushing the raw materials and been mixed and according to the formulation are mixed.
After given the correct shape to the brick, these are dried in the tunnel kiln with 120 grades Centigrade and later are fired with one thousand five hundred grades centigrade.

The Silica refractory brick it is block of ceramic refractory material and it been used in lot of places as: chimney, fire boxes etc.
The brick is made with purpose so can resist very high temperatures.

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