Besides supplying a wide range of Refractory Products, we provide complete installation services for furnaces, boilers, and other similar projects. We undertake and execute turn-key jobs to construct furnaces for silicate plants, steel plants, and boiler furnaces - from design up to commencement. We possess the manpower and the technical know-how required for such projects.

Our technical expertise is available to our customers for all their refractory-related needs. We offer a variety of technical solutions to meet customer specifications for furnaces and boilers. We also offer consulting and refractory material selection services. our extensive experience in this industry puts us in a solid position to offer valuable consulting and resourcing services.

If you are in the market to purchase refractory material or construct/install furnaces or boilers for any of the following industries.

chemical plant




power plant

Power Generation



steel industries

Iron & Steel

Please be sure to contact us - We are confident of being able to provide valuable services for your project.

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