Fire Bricks


Normally a firebrick it is only a small piece of refractory ceramic material. Usually, it is used in the furnace of lining, the oven of burning, In the chamber of a boiler in which the fuel is burned and in fireplaces. The main purpose of this type of brick is that can resist high temperatures and at the same time a thermal conductivity in a very low proportion. During the rapid changes of temperature, the brick should not be broken when they are been used.

They are used in an electric kiln, gas kiln, etc. The firebricks can be with a lot or less pores, with a different variety of density, depending on which application is going to be used.

There are with different shapes: triangle, rectangle, form of long blocks, circle, and square.

Colors: Light brown, dark brown, ivory, white, black, dark red, light red, orange, yellow.

Some they have lightweight and some are very heavy depending for which application is going to be used. Some are resistant to chemicals, others are resistant to acids, others are resistant to the heat etc. Some have big pores others have small pores. These fire bricks are been used in the factories, for the manufacturing of steel, iron, aluminum, copper, cement, gas, petrol, plastics, chemicals, electric power energy. In their composition, they have aluminum oxide in different quantity. In a lining for furnaces, it is used the firebricks of the group called Magnesium oxide. And in the inner lining of furnaces and incinerators are used the fire bricks called Silica.