Along with manufacturing the best in class products that cater the requirement of multiple industries, we also offer installation services too. Our experienced professionals are able to provide you perfect installation of boilers, furnaces and other related services. Our rich industry experience enables us to offer construction for furnaces for silicate plants, boiler furnaces, and steel plants and we also offer to design from scratch of Refinery burn pits.


Global Refractories offers safety, reliability and top-notch performance with its superior quality of products and services. We have also assisted the original equipment manufacturers.

With our valuable consultancy:

  • We offer a detailed examination of basic equipment drawings
  • Analysis of operating parameters and designing of appropriate Refractory Lining
  • Our expert offers detailed drawings for refractory work with precision
  • Our estimate for time and cost for the project is something that you can rely on
  • Not only that, but Global Refractories offers both Refractory and non-Refractory material
  • We offer detailed and impeccable inspection of the entire project from beginning to the end
  • We advise on selection of refractory material
  • Our rich industry experience and strong market position enable us to provide valuable consulting and resourcing services

Our quality is up to the mark and matches with various domestic and international standards, which involves:

  • Cold Crushing Strength
  • Apparent Porosity
  • Bulk Density
  • Pyrometric Cone Equivalent
  • Refractoriness under Load
  • Permanent Liner Change
  • Spalling Resistance
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Hot Modulus of Rupture
  • Sieve Analysis

Quality & Testing

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