Usually, the cement is considered as a blinder which is been formed with a union of limestone, clay and a small quantity of gypsum. Later with the contact of the water has a special characteristic to join the things. The form of the cement is as powder sand. It is used a lot in the fields of construction and civil engineering. There is a lot of different type of cement. The most famous is the cement Portland. During the 19th century, William Aspdin invented Portland cement. During the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the 17th century t and according to the very important needs at that moment the modern hydraulic cement was started to be elaborated and developed. The first it is the cement render or also called Stucco. This type of cement is used in the wet climates with the purpose for finishing brick buildings. The second is called Hydraulic mortars and the last is the Development of strong concretes. There is also a very big variety of Portland cement in the market or in the industry.  Here are some names.

  • Portland cement blends
  • Portland blast-furnace slag cement or Blast furnace cement
  • Polymer cements
  • Geopolymer cements
  • "Natural" cements
  • Calcium sulfoaluminate cements
  • Supersulfated cements
  • Slag-lime cements
  • Pozzolan-lime cements.
  • Very finely ground cements
  • Colored cements
  • White blended cements
  • Expansive cements
  • Masonry cements
  • Portland silica fume cement
  • Portland pozzolan cement

All these different types of cement have different usage. Their composition  is different too. Three countries are the top producers of the cement, China, India and United States of America.