Standard Size: 230 x 115 x 75.

Other sizes on request.

PropertiesGrade A
Grade B
Grade C
Bulk Density (gm/cc, max.)1.000.900.75
Apparent Porosity (%, min.)606065
Cold Crushing Strength (kg/cm2, min.)20157
Pyrometric Cone [ASTM] No. (min.)3227
Suitable for temperatures upto (oC)15001250850
thermal Conductivity at Hot Face Temperature of 600 oC (kcal/m/hr/oCmax0.350.230.20
PLCR (oC/3 hours, max.)± 1.5 at 1250 oC ± 1.5 at 1200 oC± 1.5 at 1000 oC

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