Ceramic Fiber Blankets

PropertiesHigh Temp.Regular Temp.Low Temp.
Maximum use temperature, oC14001260980
Dimensions, mm
Other sizes on request
Width: 610, 1220 mm
Length: 7620 mm
Thickness: 25 and 50 mm
Density, kg/m3 [lbs/ft3]64, 96 and 128 [4, 6 and 8]
Thickness, mm 13, 19, 25, 38 and 50 25 and 50
Thermal Conductivity for 128 kg/m3 at mean temp. of 550 oC, W/moK [BTU-in/hrft2oF]0.11 [0.76]
ApplicationsCrude oil, reformer and pyrolysis heater linings,
high temperature pipe, duct and turbine insulation,
tube seals, gaskets and expansion joints, heat
treating and annealing furnaces, reheating
furnaces, soaking pit covers and seals, furnace hot
face repairs, kilns and kiln car insulation and seals.
Stress relieving insulation, ovens and stack linings.
Boiler and air preheater insulation. Fire protection