The Aluminium

The aluminium along with others is the third element which is very easy to find in the Earth Crust. In the chemical field is known as AI & the number 13 it is his atomic number. It constitutes about 8% of the earth's crust and is present in rocks, vegetation, and animals. The alumina which is been extracted from the bauxite by the famous Bayer process, later on, it is transformed into a metallic aluminium by electrolysis.

It has 2 properties:

  1. very low density
  2. Has a big percentage of the resistance to corrosion.

It is the very pure state it is a very soft material. With a very sophisticated process gets a high degree of resistance, very close to the steel. The Aluminum it is used in different fields. It is used for manufacturing mirrors for domestic use or also for use in the reflecting telescopes. The aluminium it is used in the construction, aeronautics industry, transport, mining lighting, and communication. It is very easy to be recycled. Only in Europe, this metal has very high rates in reference to the recycling:  48% in packing, 87% in construction, 93% in transport.

In the containers have different applications: The manufacturing of cans, wrapping paper, the intermediate layer of cardboard containers (tetra brick) to sheets to close yoghurts, medicines, etc.

The aluminium cans have very good properties comparatively with another type of cans. The contents are protected very well for very long periods before the entry of oxygen and by time with the light. The aluminium cans are very light, the drinks can get cool very quickly, are very hard and difficult to be broken. The aluminium cans are totally recyclable.

All the products of Aluminium can be recycled plenty of times, there are no limits. During the last 60 years, the selling of Aluminium has increased a lot.  The demand for windows & doors of Aluminium has very high rates.