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Refractory Products

Our High Alumina Refractory Bricks are used for many purposes. Our bricks are carefully manufactured to offer resistance against spalling, abrasion and low porosity. We also offer a perfect solution for Fire Bricks, shape bricks and refractory pots, crucibles, and muffles.

Insulation Products

Global Refractories offers the superior quality of insulation products. Our products include Insulation Bricks for both hot & cold face grades; along with that, we provide mica insulating bricks, insulating mortars to make the industrial operation flawless.

Acid Proof Bricks & Mortars

Our acid proof bricks and mortars serve the purpose of all kinds of industrial plants with perfection. We manufactured out bricks and mortars with advanced corrosion technology. Our bricks are durable and offer longevity to the structure.

Refractory Castable & Cement

Our range of refractory castable and cement includes G R set 50, G R Crete Super, G R Heat A, K and C and Mortar Cements & *Ortex. All products are made offer excellence. Our products are tested multiple times by our expert engineers.

Why Global Refractories?

We have rich industry experience in providing best in category solution to various industries. We have a team of skilled and dedicated engineers to bring precise results with each batch of production.


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About Global Refractories

We provide paramount quality of the solution to a large number of industries. We have been catering the requirement of industries with our best in class products and services. With the technically skilled staff, Global Refractories offers a various range of products under the category of refractory products, acid proof products, insulation products and refractory castable and cement. We have a large network across the country for an on-time products delivery.

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